Monica Wang - Chinese Teacher
Assistant to head of International

Monica Wang has eight years’ experience of Chinese teaching and four years of management experience in different international schools. She holds a BA from Anhui University and a masters from Shanghai International Studies University, both in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. Prior to joining NKCS, Ms. Wang taught a variety of Chinese courses for native and non-native speakers, including IGCSE Chinese as a First Language at Harrow Shanghai and the Canadian International School Kunshan. As head of the Chinese Department in Kunshan, she was also the HSK test administrator. Years of teaching and management across different ages and level groups, as well as training activities such as the IBDP, have helped her to develop a comprehensive understanding of international schools.
This is her third year at Nanwai King’s and she still gets excited by what she sees and hears here every day. She is grateful for the beautiful campus by the water, the green vines and grass nestling together, and the occasional sound of chirping birds. Most lovely of all, however, are the students and teachers whose faces are filled with curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and life. As a lifelong learner, Ms. Wang believes that learning and teaching complement each other, and she is determined to continue learning and growing with her students.