NKCS Scholarship Programme

Friday 13 Mar 2020

In 2020, Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi will launch the NKCS Scholarship Programme. As a vibrant modern school, NKCS hopes that through this programme more students and their parents will find out about the learning opportunities we provide.

We value outstanding students with curiosity, drive and the courage to challenge. We also encourage our pupils to showcase themselves in different fields such as academics, science, art, public welfare, sports and others.

Scholarships will be available to students from Grade 3 upwards. Not only will students be able to apply for scholarships during the application period, but talented students with excellent moral and academic performances will also have the opportunity to obtain scholarships during their school years.


The Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship is available to students from Grades 5 to 12, who have achieved at least second place and above in academic competitions at a regional/provincial level and above. Students will be required to demonstrate a superior ability and profound interest in developing their liberal arts and science skills including areas such as literature, journalism, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology.


The English Scholarships are open to new students entering at Grade 3 and above with excellent English language proficiency. This includes students who have achieved a high score in standardised tests including PET, KET, TOEFL JUNIOR, TOEFL and IELTS, or students who have reached a high level in English competitions.


The Special Talent Scholarships are open to newly enrolled students entering Grade 6 and above and who have a special talent in a particular area such as arts, sports, leadership and community service, public speaking, debating etc.


The Gifted Student Scholarship is open to new students who meet specific academic requirements. Students that score above the benchmark in the Grade 9 high school entrance exam will be considered. Students, in Grade 9 and above, with excellent academic scores, are also invited to apply.


The Youth Scholar Awards are open to new students who will be entering Grade 6 and above. Students will be required to demonstrate excellent achievements in their previous school.


The Excellent Leadership and Community Service Awards are awarded to excellent student leaders in the student council who are highly recognised by their teachers and peers. Students should actively contribute to educational community projects, social welfare and the environment. These awards are open to current students entering Grade 6 and above.


The Head of School Award is open to current bilingual, international and ICC students who are nominated by each head of school for their overall academic performance, contribution to CCAs and outstanding behaviour.


The EP Academic Excellence Award is the annual academic award nominated by the executive principal for current bilingual, international and ICC students who achieve the highest Engage points in each school section.


Nominees must prove to be exemplary and promote a well-rounded, positive example for other boarders during the respective boarding year. The selection criteria for nominees of this scholarship is based on a number of factors including their dedication to and organisation of evening self-study, participation in evening activities, awards in weekly dormitory inspections, and relationships with dorm mates etc.

What is the aim of the NKCS scholarship programme? What impact will scholarships have on the school’s future development?

The launch of the scholarships demonstrates NKCS’s long-term pursuit of excellence. When NKCS opened, we established the concept of “learning together, creating excellence together” and set a solid model for the school’s future development. We aim to enjoy a long history, with traditions and cultures, such as scholarships, that can be passed down from generation to generation of students.

We also hope that our school will become a world-class learning community. To build such a school, we need the best students. In our first year, we did not admit all students who applied simply because we needed to set a standard for selection. These new scholarships will help us attract the best children to join our school community.

How can students stand out among scholarship applicants?

We know that students who are admitted to NKCS have been carefully selected. For scholarship applicants, admissions requirements are likely to be tougher, so how can they be sure their applications stand out? The first step for all scholarship applicants is to go through the school’s usual admissions process.

When we decide to admit a student and he/she stands out from all the other applicants, the scholarship application process will be started. A scholarship committee will make a final decision on the list of candidates, based on the materials submitted and the criteria listed. Qualified scholarship candidates will be invited to attend an application interview.

Scholarship applications will be more competitive than regular admissions. Not only will a student have to be good enough to be accepted by NKCS in the first place, but he or she also will also have to excel in some way in order to compete with other equally good candidates for a scholarship.

Application for scholarships

We welcome all outstanding and academically gifted students to join us. Please scan the QR code below to download the scholarship application form.

Please ask your admissions consultant for details of the application process.