We value outstanding students with curiosity, drive and the courage to challenge themselves. We also encourage our pupils to showcase themselves in different fields such as academics, science, art, public welfare and sports.

Scholarships will be available to students from Grade 3 upwards. Not only will students be able to apply for scholarships during the application period, but talented students with excellent moral and academic performances will also have the opportunity to obtain scholarships during their school years.

The English Scholarships are open to G7-9 students with excellent English language proficiency. This includes students who have achieved a high score in standardized tests including PET, KET, TOEFL JUNIOR, TOEFL and IELTS; or students who have reached a high-level in English competitions such as ‘Star of Outlook Talent Competition’.
The Gifted Student Scholarship is open to current internal students who meet specific academic requirements. In additional, Zhongkao Students that score above the benchmark in the High School Entrance Exam will be considered. Students from international school with excellent academic scores, are also invited to apply.