Thursday 19 Oct 2023
DSAS Graduates Prince Wang

University of California, Irvine

The University of California, Irvine (UCI or UC Irvine) is a public land-grant research university in Irvine, California. The university was founded in 1965 and rated as one of the "Public Ivies” in 1985. A total of seven Nobel Prize laureates have been affiliated with UCI. The university is also associated with a total of seven Pulitzer Prize winners, including three faculty members and four alumni. For 2021, U.S. News & World Report ranked UC Irvine tied for 35th among national universities in the U.S., tied for 8th among public universities. Money magazine ranked UC Irvine 1st in the country for its superior location and job opportunities.

Prince Wang, DSAS Grade 12 student

As a founding student of DSAS, Prince Wang has had several opportunities where he has performed on a stage. If you were to watch Prince as a character in a documentary you would see frame after frame of contrasting pursuits; performing as a celloist as if he were in the Musikerein in Vienna, to then being seen running across a football pitch as if at Wembley Arena.

As graduation draws near, Prince has received multiple offers from overseas universities including the University of California, Irvine, Lehigh University and Purdue University. His future opportunities are limitless.

At DSAS, we want students to develop a deep love for arts and sports which are valuable contributors to our campus culture. They also contribute to the development of strong bodies, creativity as well as strong minds - leading to bright, broad and healthy futures for DSAS students.

Dynamic life of the sports boy

Prince was raised in a democratic family which values individual freedom. His fearless personality was nurtured by his parents. While his classmates went to after-school academic tutors, Prince was encouraged to engage in outdoor activities. Prince's childhood was quite different to other students. He was enrolled in almost no extra academic classes. Instead, his father took him to see famous mountains, walk across the ancient Tea Horse Road and explore the ocean while scuba diving. Prince travelled with his parents through ancient and modern worlds, talking of everything under the sun…Chinese novelist, Wang Zengqi, once wrote in his book, ‘For many years father and son became brother, that he and his son witness the growth and they treat each other just like sibling’. "My father is like an older brother. We have always played games and we like to try out new foods together. My mother is more like my best friend as she understands my emotions; when I am happy, sad or disappointed. My mother also helps me to solve problems." Prince’s mother decided swimming and learning the saxophone would be a good treatment to help improve his asthma. To help develop his English acquisition, she played English versions of Nintendo 3DS games with him. To help develop his spatial concepts, she bought him various kinds of Lego thus leading to Prince becoming a ‘Lego enthusiast". Prince has a wide range of hobbies and interests that offer him the opportunities to experience more that will enhance his future.

Prince, who used to think of himself as an "alternative student", discovered his own uniqueness after he entered Nanwai King’s College School. The educational philosophy: ‘pursuit of excellence in academic work, in sport and expressive arts, developing creativity, responsibility and service in a supportive community,’ made him run like the wind on the road towards expanding his hobbies.

In a recent sporting event, Prince who is an DSAS 200 meter record holder in running, broke his own record again. "I am the first to cross the finish line twice, and that made me feel as if I was the Airbender of DSAS," Prince said with a smile when Mr. Stefan Sjodin, Head of Upper Secondary School awarded him with two gold Medals. He finally understood what his biggest ambition would be before graduation—— breaking through personal barriers and breaking the DSAS record of these two events.

"Life is about sport". Prince is a sports fanatic, and in his own words, "I was born to be energetic. Sport is a pleasure and enjoyment.” He has gained happiness, strengthened perseverance and tolerance from playing sport. “When I am in a sports arena, I appreciate the experience of physical confrontation and collision. Team spirit and cooperation is combined with the unique freedom and equality of participants and spectators. It fuels my values and respect for sport.” Prince is widely involved in sports, except for athletics. He practices swimming, badminton, tennis, chess, and football - which is his favourite sport.

Prince's idol, Maradona sadly passed away five months ago. "He was not perfect,” Prince explains, “but his willfulness and rebelliousness could not hide the fact that he took Argentina to the top of the world on his own. His courage and spirit, devoting himself to his country and his club, will always be respected." As the captain of the DSAS U19 football team, Prince is about to say his goodbyes. However, he still insists on attending every training session in order to unite every player and achieve excellence in every game.

Prince is an extremely talented though quietly confident athlete. He is an exceptional runner, particularly in long distance running, which is why he was a member of the cross-country team. On sports day, he would always win several events. However, this year, I think his favourite sport is football.

—— Director of Sports Ringo Wu

Since he was a child, Prince has demonstrated a deep love for music. "I love classical music the most. German and Austrian music are poetic, while French music is romantic." Because of his love of music, Prince learned to play a variety of instruments; clarinet , cello, saxophone and piano often learning to play a variety of musician’s greatest works. One of the pieces he plays most often, is June – Barcarole by Tchaikovsky. "Although it is a piano piece, I prefer to play it on the cello. Piano sounds bright and mellow, while the sound of cello seems to emanate from a deep, russet realm - even when it moves into its high register. Only music can express one's feelings so well."

Apart from that, Prince also loves blues and rock music. He is a huge fan of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. "Whenever Michael Jackson's soulful and clear voice comes out, those math and physics questions are no longer boring and maddening. Through the dynamic and rhythmic music, the efficiency and accuracy of answering questions improves. I never get tired of it."

Prince achieved famosity in the DSAS talent show. Mr. Mark Lee, Head of the Expressive Arts and Music department, provided Prince with many opportunities to perform on stage. ‘He not only gave me the freedom to choose the music but also took time to accompany me during rehearsals, despite his busy schedule. This motivated me and stimulated my interest further."

We are glad to see that every child can find a personal interest in which they can develop at DSAS. Students are able to grow into independent and confident individuals.

Explore himself for more possibilities

The teaching atmosphere in DSAS is inclusive and free." Teachers are strict in class while after class, they are more like our close friends," expresses Prince. Over the past two years, Prince has enjoyed this kind of harmonious atmosphere, which greatly reduced his pressure of study.

Teachers teach beyond textbooks at DSAS. Prince enjoys economics class where his teachers expand on economic theories. Students are guided to read original editions of ‘western economics’ in order to give them a broad understanding of mainstream contemporary western economics. Students are encouraged to build their background knowledge and study economics further.

Multiple types of self-exploration also comes from the cultivation of a sense of social responsibility. DSAS commits to connecting students with the local community and raises awareness of the positive impact that their actions bring.

George Bernard Shaw said, "Freedom means responsibility". Through his musical talents, Prince has been able to give back to the community. His mother undertakes post-graduate training in social work at university and often takes students to rehabilitation hospitals and elderly welfare institutions for social practice. Prince grew up with a desire to be a volunteer like his mother. Whilst living in Shanghai, Prince organised a small band of music lovers from within the community. By bringing different kinds of musical instruments including cello, erhu, piano, pipa, violin, saxophone, cucurbit flute and drums, he was able to combine Chinese and western elements together. They adapted their own folk songs which contributed towards a lot of fun for the elderly in the neighborhood. "At that time, I didn't know what volunteering was, and after entering DSAS, volunteering became a compulsory course." Prince contacted a nursing home in Binhu District after returning to Wuxi. He regularly cleaned for the elderly. He spent time talking and exercising with them. Playing the cello for them gave Prince a sense of achievement. While he watched the elderly smiling and clapping hands, Prince felt that his ten years of hard work were notably worthy.

Prince’s interests have enabled him to impress admissions officers from a different perspective, during the university application. It not difficult to see that Prince enjoys life. He wanted the admissions officers to recognise that he loves sports not because he wants to be a sports star; he loves music, not because he wants to be a musician. What he wanted to portray is that he simply has the courage and determination to persevere.

He also shared a short story with us——In Grade 11, Prince joined a short film crew. The shooting time had been decreased to two days instead of one week due to the epidemic. Prince was under heavy pressure as a freshman. He had to help backstage, had an acting supporting role, however, he had to courage and determination to complete the task successfully.

At the start of the application season, Prince chose an ‘undecided major’. Unlike most of his classmates who had clear academic interests, Prince had a wide range of academic and extra-curricular interests. In addition to the subjects offered by the school, he was interested in history, philosophy, sociology and other humanities and social sciences with a unique perspective in art and sport. After several thorough conversations with him, I recommended American colleges and universities as they suited his characteristics. At universities in the US, new students can take a wide range of courses.

——Miya Yang

Prince has since decided to major in Aviation Management because both himself and his father are aviation enthusiasts who enjoy playing "flight simulator". A documentary on the National Geographic Channel called Dubai's International Airport fascinated him. For the first time, he learned how many different types of people worked behind the scenes to keep an international airport running smoothly and how challenging the operation is. Thus, he applied to the Aviation Management department at Purdue University. This university has been integral in America's history of aviation. In the mid-20th century, Purdue's aviation program expanded to encompass advanced spaceflight technology, giving rise to Purdue's nicknames Cradle of Astronauts. Purdue University Airport, which opened in 1930, was the first of its kind and remains one of only a few university-owned airports in the nation. Students can complete their internship at the airport. They can also obtain a junior pilot's license at a very low cost. Getting a chance to study aviation management at Purdue University will turn a hobby into a career.

Students can decide which area they want to major in 1 to 2 years after enrollment. In his application essay, Prince demonstrated his wide range of academic interests. Although he did not have a definite major, his experiences helped him open the door of a top university.

‘MY HOME AND MOTHER SCHOOL IS BEHIND, THE WORLD IS AHEAD.’In 3 months, Prince will leave DSAS to experience these great new challenges in the wider world. "I would like to thank DSAS and every teacher who has taught me. I would like to students who aspire to study abroad; DSAS is like a rainbow bridge that leads to the heaven you dream of!"

In 3 months, Prince will leave DSAS to experience these great new challenges in the wider world. "I would like to thank DSAS and every teacher who has taught me. I would like to students who aspire to study abroad; DSAS is like a rainbow bridge that leads to the heaven you dream of!"

There is nothing more powerful and nothing more dangerously beautiful than a free mind.

和命运赛跑, 对着天空骄傲。