Wednesday 29 Nov 2023
Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards China

We are truly delighted to announce that Marty L. and Simon Z. have been awarded ‘Top in the World’ by CAIE for their performance in the June 2023 IGCSE exams. This is a highly impressive achievement given that there are over 10,000 CAIE schools in over 160 countries worldwide.

Simon Z. has been awarded ‘Top in the World’ for IGCSE Additional Mathematics, whilst Marty L. received his ‘Top in the World’ award for IGCSE Mathematics 0580. They were also invited to attend the award ceremony this week. Please join us in congratulating these two truly exceptional students on their achievements!

With a world-class 68% of class of 2023 receiving offers from global top-30 universities, and 90% of graduating students matriculating to their first-choice college, these Cambridge Outstanding Learner awards are further evidence of the academic strength of NKCS as a ‘learning community aspiring to excellence’. Hearty congratulations to Simon and Marty – you have demonstrated such perseverance and skill.


Marty L. ——Top in the world for IGCSE Mathematics

Marty is now in Grade 9, having progressed from the International section into the Secondary school. He studied for his Mathematics IGCSE two years ahead of schedule through the CCA. Marty wants to be a doctor in the future, and is considering UCSD or U Chicago, as their Biology departments are so strong.

Why do you think you won this award?

Perseverance & Professional Support

“In my free time I always spend time doing Maths, and if I have questions, I will try to get rid of this problem as soon as possible by finding my teachers. My Maths teacher supported me very well. If I have questions, she will continue to explain to me until I understand. Sometimes she will keep me in during break time and teach me more.”

How is your study this year so far?


“This year is a big transition – everything is more difficult – but I think I’m doing well. I need to find a balance, as I also do many sports like basketball and tennis.”

Do you have some advice for junior students?


“If you want to focus on one thing then don’t quit. ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’ – that is how I motivate myself. Good luck to Juniors!”

Simon Z. ——Top in the world for IGCSE Additional Mathematics

Simon is currently in Grade 10, having completed his IGCSE Additional Maths one year early. He plans to focus on Chemistry or Maths in the future, probably studying at a top university in the United States.

What makes your maths class special?

“Our Maths class is quite different – the teacher goes through the key points quickly and then most of the time is spent doing questions to ensure that we understand the points. I signed up for some competitions like AMC (American Mathematic Competition). I also work outside of school to make sure that my Maths is improving. This year I am really focused on my studies. My teachers help me a lot, and I thank them very much.”

What advice do you have for junior students?

“It is OK to make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Keep going upwards and finally you will get better.”

Comment from Ms Mandy C.

“I want to send my heart-felt congratulations to Marty and Simon for their incredible achievement. I feel so lucky to have taught such dedicated and passionate students.

Marty’s enjoyment of the subject has meant he often met with me for extra sessions during lunchtimes to further his knowledge whilst he joined my Maths Co-curricular activity.

Simon is always willing and eager to learn and asks interesting and challenging questions.

They are both great role models for their classmates and prove that anything can be achieved with determination and a love of your subject.”

Comment from Mr Tim M. Assistant Head of Secondary (Academics)

“In our school, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke educational programmes that best suit the needs and interests of each individual student. These exceptional results are a testament to that and the hard work and dedication of Marty and Simon, alongside the commitment and skill of their teachers.”