Primary School

7~12 Years

Based on the Chinese compulsory education syllabus, it integrates bilingual teaching and international advanced educational concepts and teaching methods. The curriculum consists of Chinese, English, mathematics, basic science, music, art, moral and ethical education and physical education. In addition, pupils study a school-designed humanities programme of practical activities that take place within the school campus. English instruction is used throughout to encourage bilingualism as pupils progress through the school.
Outstanding Teaching Staff
Classes are shared between a Chinese and an English speaker, with Chinese-speaking assistants supporting pupils in language learning. This approach creates a genuinely bilingual learning environment. An international teacher teaches English, mathematics and science (with some co-teaching) while a Chinese teacher teaches Chinese and humanities subjects, and shares some of the mathematics teaching.
Pastoral Care
At DSAS, our school culture is built on collaboration between teachers, staff, parents and students. Working together, our aim in primary school is to collaboratively meet the pastoral needs of our students.  Pastoral Care not only supports students in their natural progression but also facilitates the development of their self-esteem, social skills and ability to cope with stress. It is important that students feel safe and valued in their school environment and we strive to deliver a high-quality pastoral care system that ensures this. We have high expectations of, not just the behaviour of our students, but also the attitudes they display. Our expectations are that these attitudes and behaviours are modeled by every member of staff on a daily basis.