Our Mission
A learning community aspiring to excellence.
Our mission is to build a future-oriented school, focused on empowering scholars to thrive in a rapidly changing economic and social environment. We will educate them to become competent for the work that is yet to be created, to apply the technology that is yet to be invented and to solve the social problems that we cannot imagine today.
Our community commits to
  • Developing a responsive and successful school culture
    We believe in the core values of respect (敬), compassion (仁), honesty (诚), collaboration (合作) and personal responsibility (责任). The success of the school is founded on the pursuit of excellence in academic work, in sport and expressive arts, developing creativity, responsibility and service in a supportive community.
  • Academic Excellence We will develop a rigorous academic programme and a teaching methodology founded on sound research. Our pupils gain from the experience of our outstanding teachers and the support of our world-class partner schools to become lifelong learners with intellectual curiosity and independent and enquiring minds.
  • Pastoral care and co-curricular activities We aim to provide excellent pastoral care and offer a broad range of co-curricular activities to develop each pupil’s skills, knowledge, interests and enjoyment of a broad range of activities in an environment where they feel safe, valued and have a strong sense of belonging.
  • Staff development We embrace a continual cycle of review and drive for self-improvement amongst our staff, with a view to integrating the best of Chinese and western education for our students.
  • Wider Community Involvement We welcome parental involvement and commit to providing a learning culture for our students’ families and the communities around us.