Saturday 28 Mar 2020
Welcome From International: We're Ready For You!

Dear International School parents,

It is with great excitement that we are sharing messages with you from our International School staff who are back here in Wuxi and helping to prepare the campus ready for our school re-opening.

All of our international staff have travelled back to China and Wuxi with enough time to make sure that we have all passed our 14 days of quarantine before we have come back onto campus. This ensures that we are providing an environment as safe as is possible for all members of our wider community.

Over the past seven weeks, we know that students, teachers and parents have all worked very hard to help support the ongoing learning within our school. We made an early decision to start our second-semester programme on Monday 10 February and offer online learning in all of our specialist areas as well as the core subjects of mathematics, English, Chinese, science and humanities. The commitment to this process from home as well as school places us in a very strong position to recommence learning in the coming weeks when we are all present on campus.

The reopening of our campus will be an exciting time for all of our students and families. There is, however, an incredible amount of work happening behind the scenes from our operations staff and academic team, with close support from the local government.

We know that when the doors open, we will be ready to provide a safe learning environment for everyone in the spirit that you are used to from Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science.

Mr Matthew Conn
Head of International School