Tuesday 14 May 2024
NKCS International Fun Day

Invitation Letter

You are cordially invited to attend our celebration of the International Day 2024 on the afternoon of 25th May.
This event will provide a variety of wonderful stage shows and a charity market. This would be a splendid NKCS carnival. Come and start the amazing journey of exploration.
This year's event will be a fantastic trip around the world! We have prepared a wealth of activities, performances and food from all over the world!
We would like to invite all of you to come and join us!

Activity Info

Date: 2024.05.25(Saturday)
Location:NKCS Rugby field
Dress Code:Dress in costumes that represent your country
Participants: Open to the entire community
Scan to register !


PART 1 World Trip Carnival

Experience a one-stop journey across five continents, immerse in the cultures of over 40 countries and regions,savor the culinary delights from over 20 nations, and enjoy a fun-filled 'Global Travel' carnival. Exciting games and a plethora of vibrant gifts await you.

Early Bird Passport Price:50 RMB/Person (includes a 50 RMB voucher and a lottery ticket for prizes worth thousands)

(All proceeds will be donated to the Wuxi Nanwai King's Educational Development Foundation. No refunds after payment)

This passport allows you to collect stamps at various booths to receive exclusive NKCS merchandise and also serves as your lottery ticket.

Purchase by scanning the QR code below!


PART 2 Global Gourmet Market

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Explore our country-themed food booths, where exotic flavors will introduce you to a fusion of diverse cultures right on your taste buds .

PART 3 Cultures Around the World

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Offering an array of cultural experiences, from calligraphy and henna art to origami and traditional dance classes. Get ready for a delightful journey of cultural exchange and discovery!

PART 4 Traditional Sports from Different Countries

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PART 5 Stage Show Time

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NKCS teachers, students, and parents passionately present performances such as cultural fashion shows and other spectacular acts unique to various countries, creating exclusive memories just for us !

PART 6 Integrating Education and Social Welfare

All proceeds will be dedicated to charity, fostering a sense of service and giving back to the community among participants.


Dimond Sponsors

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Platinum Sponsors

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Gold Sponsors

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Become Sponsors

Individuals, companies, or organizations that wish to support International Day through cash or prize donations can apply by scanning the QR code provided.


NKCS International Day welcomes parents and students from outside the school. On-site tours and admissions consultations will be available on the day.
Looking forward to meeting you at the event!