Tuesday 29 Aug 2023
Preparation for the New Semester


A new school term is about to begin. Based on a common educational philosophy, and after recruiting and selecting a team from home and abroad, Wuxi Dipont School Of Arts and Science welcomes a group of new teachers with excellent resumes and rich teaching experience,bringing new vitality and development potential to the subjects of science, culture and arts.

Jessie Dai
Primary Maths Teacher

Jessie graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Economic and Statistics.

After graduation, Jessie has 2 years of experience in STEAM course development and teaching. The core of this interdisciplinary course is "exploration, innovation, and sharing". She helped students to develop core competences, such as critical thinking, hands-on skills and problem-solving abilities.

Jessie has worked as a homeroom teacher in primary school for 3 years, with rich teaching experience in Maths and Science Course. She spends time with each student throughout the day, and focuses on students' moral education.

As an educator, Jessie insists that "working with heart and teaching students with love".

Dr.Yuhao Wu
G1-12 Chinese Curriculum & Chinese Culture Project Supervisor

Dr. Wu graduated from Nanjing Normal University in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology and a Ph.D. in Chinese Classical Literature. He loved literature and history since he was a child. During his studies, he studied "Historical Records" and "Hanshu" and other pre-Qin and Han documents. After graduating with a Ph.D., he devoted himself to international education.

For more than ten years, he has taught in Nanjing Foreign Language School, United World College (China) and other famous schools in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. He has experienced professional roles like subject teacher, homeroom teacher, HoD, moral education supervisor, assistant principal, director of the group curriculum center, etc. He is good at subject teaching, curriculum design, textbook writing, teacher training, teaching quality supervision, etc., and has accumulated rich experience in bilingual international school education. He specializes in the teaching of Chinese language and literature in the K-12 area. And he devoted himself to introducing Chinese classical literature and culture into the international education. He has taught a variety of traditional Chinese culture courses and lectures, and wrote two related textbooks. He looks forward to working hard at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Sciences to build a first-class G1-12 Chinese curriculum and culture system.

Simon Stickells
Director of Expressive Arts

Simon graduated with a degree in Music, with a major in Music Technology, from the University of Port Elizabeth in 2003. After graduating Simon started his working career with the Eastern Cape Philharmonic orchestra as a stage manager and two years later decided to move into teaching. Having worked at some of the top schools across South Africa as Music teacher and Band Conductor. While Simon has specialized in music, he has a real passion for musical theatre, having both performed in stage productions from the age of 7. Simon also really enjoys the technical side of the productions, having at some stage in his career been involved in every job from backstage, set building, to lighting and sound. In recent years Simon has embraced the role as a director, having directed productions like ‘The King and I’, ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘By Jeeves’, ‘Seussical’ and most recently a production of ‘My Fair Lady’.

In his role as Director of Music and Performing Arts at Maritzburg College in South Africa he has brought about a cultural awakening in the school. The music department and ensembles have taken part in the World Choir Games, ATKV Applous National Choir competition (where they placed first in their section) and the National Youth Jazz Festival, where they performed as a part of the festival in 2023. In the last 8 years, the school's performing arts program also produced 9 productions and took part on the National Arts Festival online platform.

Simon believes that enthusiasm and excellence allows all students to prosper. He believes all students should be involved in expressive art as it is vital to developing empathy and excellence.

Bongiwe Sadeck
Head of Lower Secondary Science
Chemistry teacher

Bongiwe received her Bachelor of Science with majors in Biological Sciences, and her Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.

She brings to her role years of teaching experience, including 8 years teaching IGCSE Sciences, A-level and AP Physics in international schools in China and in the Middle East.

She has prior experience as Head of Science, and Instructional Support Specialist. Her expertise in these roles enabled her to support and train educators in South Africa and the U.A.E.

Bongiwe aims to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to her classroom everyday. She believes that the ability to learn is not fixed, that it can change with one's effort. She tries to inspire and encourage her students to understand that even if they have challenges with certain skills/knowledge, their abilities aren't set in stone, if they work on them, they can improve over time. She is confident that cultivating a growth mindset is the best method to develop grit in her students, because she believes grit is the ultimate predictor of success.


The school organizes a series of activities to welcome new teachers and help them quickly integrate into the campus and the community.


Teacher team meetings and teacher training were conducted in the primary and secondary sections respectively


Through teamwork in completing the "Marshmallow Tower Challenge", new and old colleagues built a closer relationship, laying the foundation for teaching cooperation in the new semester.


Chinese Principal: Mr. Shen Maode

In his speech, the Chinese Principal, Mr. Shen Maode, expressed the new expectations of the new teachers from "Believe in our vision and mission" to "Take actions to make it happen".He said that:"If everyone is a business card of the schooland exhibit excellece in everyone's position,Then the school will move towards high quality for sure.

Executive Principal: Mr. Brendan Law

The Executive Principal, Mr. Brendan Law, emphasized the values and vision of the school to the new teachers: A learning community aspiring to excellence.

He said that we will focus on language and reading ability at all levels.Teaching,learning and assessment.Creating positive learning environment and a sense of belonging.Raising standand of co-curricular and 21st-century skills development.


During the summer vacation, the school has upgraded the landscaping of several school gates to enhance the visual effect and at the same time, to ensure the safety of students' entry and exit, and to provide further convenience for parents to pick up and drop off their children through the creation of a green ecological parents' waiting area.

At the same time, the school has carried out extensive optimization and refurbishment of the infrastructure on campus, and the logistics department has arrived at work early just to ensure the students' experience of entering the school in the new semester.