Tuesday 11 Jul 2023
Edu Price

Apple has been committed to providing amazing technology tools and services for learners and educators. Over the years, schools around the world use Mac and iPad to carry out various teaching activities even beyond classroom and campus, which has a significant effect on the cultivation of students' learning enthusiasm, creativity and other comprehensive abilities and skills.

To help your school better achieve the learning goal empowered by science and technology, we will provide your school with exclusive support for students to buy Apple education products. This program is customized for schools by Apple Authorised Education Specialist.

This program not only provides exclusive education discount for students, but also offers them professional support and usage training,App selection guidance. And it provides equipment management support for schools too.

Apple Authorised Education Specialist team look forward to working with you to embrace the educational changes brought by technology.

Program Introduction

Exclusive educational special prices for Mac and iPad models for students which fully meet the learning needs.

Activity time

Apri · 23rd · 2023

Closing date

30 September 2023


Students enrolled in the school

Services for students / parents

Product selection consultation

Product management advice

Services for schools

Teacher Professional Development Customization Program

Consultation and support of device and content management solutions.

BYOD Program Process