Thursday 06 Jul 2023

It always seems impossible, until it is done.

—— Nelson Mandela

The end of any school year is a transition to a new year and a curtain-raiser for a new beginning. Every year students wake up every day with hope and gratitude striving to achieve everything they want in life.

There is always some excitement and fear among students caused by completing a year of school and the memories of what they experienced. The days students share with teachers and fellow students will never come back again as they continue moving forwards. These emotions are at their highest for students who are getting ready to transition to secondary school.

To celebrate student achievement and an exciting milestone, Grade 6 primary students expressed their joy and said goodbye to their primary school years with a celebration event with their parents.

Our eloquent student hosts share their speech from the ceremony.

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Six years ago, we were a group of newly enrolled children, innocent and lovely. We still remember our father and mother holding our hands, entering the primary school campus, we were full of curiosity. It was like yesterday, time flies fast and now, we have grown into teenagers.

During Primary school time, we were filled with childhood fun memories, sprinkled with happy sunshine. Our dear parents, grandparents and teachers accompanied us all the way, giving us love and care.

Our first reading, the first time to raise our hands to speak, the first time to do exercises, all make our parents feel excited and feel sweet. Today, we have stood at the cross roads of growth, a new starting point in life. Farewell tothe naiveness as we look towards youth and vitality. We shall carry on being responsible. Studying hard is a responsibility. Team work is a responsibility. Helping the weak is a responsibility. Respecting others and showing loyalty to our country are responsibilities.

Primary school time can bring us unlimited hope and can bring endless imagination. As beautiful as flowers, as precious as gold. 

Let's be brave enough to chase our dreams! Parents and teachers will become ourstrong back up and cheer for us together! 

Our Principal Ms Fan shares her wishes with our Grade 6 students.

Coco's Letter

Dear students, distinguished teachers, parents and friends,

Just after the summer solstice, the fruit trees on campus are full of fruit, and with the breeze swaying, ripe fruits fall off the branches. It is "yesterday's moon and the season is wonderful. Now the green apricot branches are prosperous! “

Dear students,

Do you remember the day we entered school six years ago? On that day, full of "vision for the future" and the expectations of your parents, you arrived at the beautiful campus of Dipont College of Arts and Sciences.

In the past six years, every grass and tree on campus has witnessed your growth and joy; Certificates and certificates tell of your diligent curiosity and exploration, and it is your active participation and careful care that has led to today's beautiful campus. To achieve these achievements, we must first thank our parents, our teachers, and our hard work. In the past six years, you have grown with the school, you have witnessed the flourishing of the school, and I believe that all the good things you have experienced will become a brilliant chapter in the album of your life. Life is like a long river, both calm and turbulent, and when parting, there are three special instructions for students.

First, perseverance, on the road forward in the future, No matter how the wind and clouds change, I hope that our students can be firm in their goals, perseverance, not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of setbacks, "keep the clouds open and see the moon", this is a positive and optimistic spirit of perseverance and never give up. Only those who persevere to the end can wait for the day when the clouds see the sun and the clouds disperse and the moon shines. As long as you stay the course, a rainbow will appear.

Second, follow the rules, students, in terms of learning methods. There are certain rules to follow. Students should actively explore and use scientific learning methods, such as using mind maps to construct knowledge as a whole, strung together scattered knowledge. For example, tracing back to the roots and understanding the ins and outs of knowledge, learning knowledge through actual experience and practical operation. Create multiple connections and connect knowledge with life, nature, society, and so on. If students can use these learning methods well, they can achieve twice the learning effect with half the effort.

Third, practice self-discipline. British writer George Bernard Shaw said: "Self-control is the strongest instinct." "The road of life is full of temptations, in the face of games, in the face of pleasure, in the face of slack, in the face of indulgence, we must know how to be self-disciplined. The highest human state of being is temperance, not release. Only self-discipline can allow you to live with a purpose, so that you can put it into action. Only self-discipline can make you have perseverance and persevere. Only self-discipline can make you gain something and realize your dreams in life.

Dear students, primary school is the place where your dreams for life begin. No matter where you go in the future, concern is sincere for you. No matter what you achieve in the future, you are are sincerely blessed. I hope that the future, no matter when and where, will strive to become our pride!

I wish everyone in the future to continue to use perseverance and diligence accompanied by ideals and pursuits to paint your prosperous and magnificent life scroll! Work hard, students! Hope is in your hands! Believe that you can be the best!

Ms Fan

Principal, DSAS Primary School

They have developed in character with positive qualities and are ready to face new challenges in their secondary school environment. We are incredibly proud of our Grade 6 students and are certain that they will succeed and achieve great things in Secondary School. 
DSAS Primary wishes our G6 students the best of luck in transitioning to their new environment.