Friday 23 Jun 2023
Open Day for Boarding

Open Day for Boarding


Huckleberry Friend, Heil Summer!

On hot summer nights, besides the insects chirping, there is another place that is bustling with youth! This is Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science! On this lively evening, the Student Council of the Boarding Department took the lead in organizing an open day event with the theme of "Good Friends, Hi Summer". The event was open to all students, staff and parents, with our boarders taking this opportunity to show everyone the colorful night life of the boarders!





At the event, students from eight families used summer food, as a linking bond, to show their family culture to staff, parents, and non-boarders. The sweet "iced dumplings", the efficient and independent "noodle culture", the colorful and happy "Taco group"...

In addition to the booths of each family, there was also a flea market from the student council. The graduating seniors passed on their used "treasures" to their younger siblings at the flea market, as well as clean school uniforms, neat mosquito nets, bedding, etc. Although they were used, they were still as neat as new. The younger students at the stall looked at the seniors' personal belongings and said with a smile, "I wonder how many generations can we pass these items on? Will they be passed down from generation to generation forever?" Maybe the items will get old, but the good qualities such as environmental protection, saving and cherishing will really follow us from generation to generation!

Home, sweet home. It is everyone's harbor. We all feel a sense of security at home. When you feel safe, you can truly unleash your potential. The boarding department at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science has always held the idea that boarding is a home away from home for all boarders. Each boarding tutor is a parent to the students and they need to put more effort into caring for, loving, and understanding their children. They also need to guide them to learn to organize their rooms, learn to take care of themselves, handle interpersonal relationships properly, build the culture of the boarding family, and so on, starting from the little things in life, and cultivating trust and cohesion between families through patient companionship day by day.

In this open day, the boarding department student council also arranged special games for all boarders to break through the barriers of age and grade to participate in the games together and experience the joy and power of family activities together!

In the blindfolded situation, it is important to have a partner you can trust. This game made the students understand each other better and build trust between them quickly.

The game of tearing off name tags is one of the most popular games among teenagers, which not only allows students to establish a deep understanding of each other, but also promotes the integration between boarders.

In a group, the consistency of individual and collective goals is vital. The caterpillar game gave students of all grades, who were not very familiar with each other, a consistent direction of effort. They should constantly adapt and adjust for the victory of their groups, learn to share the victory with their peers in the game, as well as encouraging and cheering for the other groups.

The open day event organized by the Boarding Student Council not only increased the boarders’ sense of belonging and happiness, but also gave many other non-boarders, parents and staff who did not know about boarding life at school a better understanding. If you want to experience boarding life, please contact us!