Tuesday 28 Feb 2023
Primary EAL Program

One of the most exciting aspects of our school is the integration of international and Chinese education. Learning in English may seem a daunting task for many children; however, teachers at DSAS are here to support their progress. It is imperative that all children can access our full curriculum and are offered the best support possible.

HowDoes DSAS Primary EAL program

Support Learners?

1. Whatis EAL?

English as an Additional Language- EAL. A child's first language is considered the language they were exposed to since birth and early development. It is the language they continue to use at home or in their community. At DSAS primary ,the majority of students’ first language is Chinese and English is an additional language.

2. How does the EAL programme work? 

Students will have 2 extra English classes as well as their mainstream English lessons. The lessons will replace: 1 library lesson and 1 guided reading lesson. Students will not miss any new content from other subjects.

3. What will be taught in the EAL programme? 

The content is based on the Cambridge Global English curriculum. Students will learn the essential basics and foundation of the language. Skills will be taught through themed units such as: Welcome to School, Family time and Fun and games.

4. How long does the programme last? 

The students will be given an assessment at the end of each term to evaluate their progress. If a student is working confidently at an A1 level or above, they can exit the programme; however, if the students are still struggling, they will remain for the next term or until they are ready. 

5. How will their progress be tracked?

Students’ progress will be shown on the school reports as a separate subject. 

6. How can I support my child at home?

In order to help our parents know more about the EAL program and learn how to support the child's English at home, our primary EAL teacher Alison had offer a workshop for the parents. She shared her topic from the following question.

She had shared her topic from the following question.

What is EAL?

What are  the different types of EAL learners?

What are the difficulties as a parent?

How can I support my child at home?

In this part , she had shared different ways and also took her daughter learn Chinese as an example. Students may be given EAL homework once a week which may include some revision notes or videos. You are welcome to review these with your children.

Give your child more exposure to learn English at home ,such as

Build Confidence

Learning English together is a great way to spend time with your children and create a positive attitude towards learning and speaking another language.

English Learning APPS

Focus on your child’s interest

Magazine subscriptions

Play in English

Little and often 

Sing song

Listen to English radio 

Read stories in English

Set technology to use English

Parents play a vital role by giving children the courage and confidence to do their work,

because the most beneficial way to support your child’s learning is through encouragement and motivation.Let’s get together to support them.