Tuesday 27 Sep 2022
Primary Curriculum

English is a core subjects in our Primary curriculum. English is one of the unique and shining subjects in Primary. Our teachers mainly use western pedagogy to teach a blended curriculum that includes the CNC requirements for English but supplemented heavily with the Cambridge and UK National curriculum objectives for; literacy, writing, speaking and listening. Our challenging curriculum mirrors the high expectations that we set for DSAS students. The design of our English curriculum are visual representations of the engaging and purposeful learning. We providethe immersive, ross-subject opportunities and tailor to the interests and needs of our pupils.

Our students in lower primary have been working very hard in the first few weeks of school. They have settled into their classes well and are enjoying reading, grammar, phonics, role-play and speaking. Our team of fantastic teachers are taking care of the PSHE aspects so important to learning as well so students feel calm, cared for and at home in their school environment.


Phonics is so much fun. Children are doing child-centered, interactive activities to bring phonics to life. This very important skill is the building blocks of reading.

‘Billy’s Bucket’ is the book we read in grade one recently and the children had great fun using their imagination to ‘see’ what was in the bucket. This was a lovely introductory activity to this story.


Students have been learning actions for words that can be used for time connectives when recounting. Students use these actions to help them memorise and perform a recount of Maisies Dragon in small groups. 

Students also practiced grammar and instructions, learning how to use ‘ing’ to action verbs. A lot of fun for all involved.


Using a combination of technology and choosing their own books for their classroom fosters a love of reading in our grade 3 students. 

Students have been working collaboratively to identify the characters, setting and plot of Michael Foreman’s “I’ll take you to Mrs. Cole”.

Right from the start students are testing their knowledge of spelling patterns and rules.

Within the combination of the UK National Curriculum, our upper   primary students exposed themselves in a variety of English subjects and   language environment. Also it do provide further challenges to students in   the areas of literacy and writing using the UK National Curriculum standards.  

Based on our English curriculum and lesson content, Ours English subject is not just fluent focusing on language speaking, it’s more academic and overall skills focused. For your better understanding, let’s take a closer look about what is really happening in English lessons, and how we worked out student-centered class. 

Guided Reading Lesson

A Newspaper Recount:

Our students are working out the basic features of A Newspaper Recount in our Guided Reading Lesson.

Based on a piece of real newspaper, they are working together to have a pair and group discussion about what features a Newspaper Recount contain.

Also, they need to apply those features into a real context for their better understanding of ‘features’ and ‘A Newspaper Recount’.

Through this lesson, they’ve also learned how to work out a task in a group within skills of leadership.

Our   students are sharing their final work during the guided reading lesson!

It’s also   a way for everyone else to get to know more information about a Newspaper   Recount from the other team through sharing and listening, which requires   students’ lots of skills, like cooperation and active listening skills.

It is a Guided Reading lesson, actually it also combines 4C thinking skills, collaboration, caring, critical thinking and creative thinking.

ESL Lesson

Our ESL lesson is really overall learning skills based, grammar, vocabulary, reading,   listening and speaking. Also it’s an inquiry based learning while It takes   students five senses together, to expose, to explore, to work out task based   on the teacher's guide, their team’s exploration and their inquiry based to   work out the way to solve the problems.

Here is the poster presenting based on the given topic of the unit, the person we admire! They need to produce out this project based on the criteria based on the sequencing words and phrases, the key words they have exposed during the lesson time.

The writing genre

Book list

·  Our G4 is doing Fairy tales and   playscripts based on the story The Princess and the Pea.

·  Our G5 is doing a Newspaper Recount   (Report and Journalism)

·  Our G6 is doing Significant Authors – Philip Pullma

Writing Genre is big challenge for our students. It’s following the learning cycle, expose, explore and create. Our upper primary students are exposing in amounts of reading, exploring based on the features of a genre, the voice and the idea, the structure and the language features, cohesions in between to make it flow, also creating based on the criteria of the final writing genre production. It’s more than a piece of writing, it combined overall learning skills and strong learning skills embedded in.