Friday 30 Sep 2022
Transitional Nursery



Before the age of six is the critical period of a child's development, which is the most important stage for a child's life, and attending kindergarten is the first step for a child to walk out of the family. 

In order to achieve a gentle transition from home to school and seamlessly blend into KG1. DSAS has specially designed the Transitional Nursery Class. Through closer collaboration between parents and teachers, we could help children allay their anxiety and feel more secured after saying goodbye to their parents in the morning.

• Eligible children: 

o Chinese and International 

o D.O.B. 2019.9.1. – 2020.8.31 – all eligible for KG1 in Sept. 2023

The Kindergarten of DSAS is dedicated to fostering confident young scholars and promoting active learning and cooperative learning.  Through ultra-small class teaching and collaborative teaching by Chinese and foreign teachers, we provide children with a multi-directional language development environment, infiltrating global cultures and making friends without borders. In addition, the open learning environment helps children stimulate their learning spirit and exploration spirit through barrier-free social learning. 

The DSAS Kindergarten fulfills their mission of inheriting and passing on Chinese traditional culture while emphasizing multi-culturalism. Our teachers come from all corners of the world but work here together in Wuxi China. Based on a mutual understanding of and respect for each other, they refine the essence of Chinese and international cultures to co-shape the Chinese foundation and the global vision of the children in our care.

Application for DSAS Transitional Nursery Class is now open! You are warmly invited to come and experience our unique campus environment and advanced educational philosophy here. 

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KG Features


Our target class size is 15

Dedicated care and attention for every child

Teachers can provide personalised guidance

In class differentiation increase opportunity for every child to grow at their own pace

● One international teacher;one Chinese teacher and one life teacher·


Outstanding School Faculty

● 0-3 Guidelines – China 

● Development Matters

 EYFS - England


Heads of KG 

Head of KG

Amy Loveday-Hu

Amy Loveday-Hu is an experienced head of kindergarten and elementary. Prior to joining our school, she led a well-respected dual immersion international kindergarten and elementary school in Beijing, whichcatered for both local and international families.

Deputy Head of KG

Hailing Wu

Hailing Wu has worked in international and comparative education for over a decade. Before joining DSAS, she was director of teaching and learning for seven years at an international school that runs a

distinctive English/Chinese dual immersion programme for both kindergarten and elementary students in Beijing. She

received her doctorate (PhD) in curriculum and instruction from Michigan State University.

Please scan the QR code to reserve seats