Tuesday 22 Mar 2022
IGCSE Group Scripted Evening

Teacher's Note


It is March, a month characterised by theatre advocacy. Around the world many communities call on their school and provincial education administrations to fund theatre programmes in their communities. This comes as academic research around the world has found a plethora of benefits that the study of theatrical arts holds for its students. Some noteworthy studies have found that students who engage in the theatrical arts are more likely to engage with their communities, graduate high school, score higher on school exit exams, and enjoy higher professional success after school. I could thus think of no better way to advocate for and celebrate the theatrical arts here at our school than the productions you will witness tonight.

Many of these students you will see perform I have taught since the inception of our school. I wish that we had the means to record every minute of their growth. Some of these performers barely managed to say “hello” to me confidently when they first walked through the Drama classroom door and tonight, they will take on classic and modern works in a language foreign to many of them. Apart from their academic achievements to which you will bear witness, I am deeply taken back by their individual growth. Every single student here has time and again proven a keen empathetic awareness to their fellowman. They have learned that despite the steep climb that life sometimes has thrown their way to celebrate life! In their own way each of them have grown confident in their own skin and learned to express themselves in a unique manner representative of their upbringing, culture, and individual personality.

I could not be prouder of these soon-to-be iGCSE Drama graduates. My sincere wish is that they will continue to remain true to themselves, share the benefits of theatre education with others, and will always remain lovers of theatre and of life!

Philip J. Oosthuizen

Head of Drama


Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

This play follows the story of Vladimir and Estragon. These two men wait for a man named Godot besides a tree who send word each day that he will come to them tomorrow. Written shortly after WWII when the Absurd theatre movement started, this play challenges the concept of God and the meaningless of life. It is a play where nothing happens with no certainty.

Cast: Leo Bao, George Miao, Clark Tan, Rain Wang, Jeff Zhang.



Superheroes by Ian McWethy

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Writer Ian McWethy imagines a world where superheroes reign supreme and there is no crime. How would this affect their daily lives? Can they adapt to the boredom of everyday human life?

Cast: Ken Chang, Alina Hong, Andy Liu, Andy Wu, Eric Zhu.


The Doctor in Spite of Himself by Moliére

This is a classic French comedy written by the French writer, Moliére, in 1666. It deals with the events that unfold when the servants of Geronté, a rich businessman whose daughter has fallen mute, go looking for a doctor. They meet the wife, Martine, of the woodchopper, Sganarelle, who convinces them that her husband is a miracle doctor who will only admit so if he suffers a beating.

Cast: Fairy Guo, Tony Han, Mimi Wang, George Xu, Eric Yin, Eric Zhao.



The American Dream by Edward Albee

Another pivotal work in the Absurd theatre movement, The American Dream, written in 1961, addresses issues of childlessness and adoption. The play's central figures, Mommy and Daddy, represent banal American life. Clubwoman Mrs. Barker (Mr. Barker in tonight’s version) visits, and Grandma reminds her of an earlier visit, when she brought an infant who the pair of parents had killed.

Cast: Jeremy Li, Dowvince Pan, Katherine Shi, Carina Sun, King Xu.


The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Written in 1953 and inspired by the Salem witch trials, this work of fiction tells the story of a group of young women who falsely accuse other villagers of witchcraft. The accusations are largely centred around the Proctor family. The accusations result in mass hysteria which eventually leads to the fall of Proctor, arrest of two hundred villagers and the deaths of nineteen.

Cast: Joyce Cheng, Claire Hou, Anjalee Marasinghe, Tom Shen, Olivia Zhang, Adam Zhu.


Site-specific in KG

The Sandbox by Edward Albee

Another Absurd work by Albee published in 1959 looks at the false values, lack of love, and empathy in the capitalist-driven American family. It scrutinises how often the old is forsaken for the young and the new by following the story of Grandma who is abandoned on the beach by the characters, Mommy and Daddy.

Cast: Harry Hua, Fox Lu, Willing Qi, Robin Ren.

A word of thanks to Phyllis Lu, for the logistical support she offered to our student performances as well as all parents who supported additional rehearsal times.