Friday 18 Sep 2020
Top of the World | CEMC

The University of Waterloo CEMC contests are the most popular Mathematics competitions in Canada, as well as being among the most famous and well-renowned in the world. Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science became an official test centre in 2018, and there are 5 contests that students at DSAS can participate in, each named after a famous Mathematician:

● Gauss contest – G7-G8 students

● Pascal contest – G9 students

● Cayley contest – G10 students

● Fermat contest – G11 students

● Euclid contest – G12 students

Around 100 students at DSAS sat the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat contests in June, 4 months later than originally planned due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our students at DSAS did exceptionally well, with over 88% scoring above the world average, and 53% obtaining a certificate of distinction, meaning they ranked in the top 25% worldwide.

—— Head of Maths Department Sam Jones

Pascal contest

Pascal contest

Our top performing student for the Pascal contest was Wang Zehua (Edward), who scored 136/150 despite only being in grade 8 at the time, a year younger than most other participants.

Cayley contest

For the Cayley contest, Shao Yihan (Ciki) came out on top, with a score of 128/150.

Fermat contest

Finally, for the Fermat contest, over 40% of DSAS entrants scored over 130 and two students scored over 140, which is extremely impressive. I am delighted to announce that Fang Zehua (Sebastian) scored 150/150, meaning he is not only our top-performing student in our school, but also the highest scoring entrant in the world! Well done, Sebastian!

We will continue to run University of Waterloo contests this academic year, as well as other Maths contests such as the AMC, SMC and Primary Maths Challenge competitions, so students from all ages have the opportunity to get involved. We hope to see even more success this year for our unbelievably gifted students!