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NKCS First Senior Exhibition&Production

2019年3月27日 @ 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

The Art Department at NKCS are proud to invite and present to you the first body of work created by Grade 6, 7 and 8 Students.

Students across the grades worked to gain inspiration on various concepts and techniques from individual, contemporary and traditional Artists as well as Art movements.

You will see a wide range of work that focus on form, colour, expression, mixed materials, shapes, textures, lines and emotive effect. And I would encourage you to ask students around you about the process, time and skills they have learnt in the process of completing one outcome.


We will be opening the Senior school exhibition on 27th March, this will be our first formally launched exhibition in the Great Hall building as well as in our newly built campus. We encourage you to enjoy the streak of beautiful firsts with us before you head over to watch the Senior school production.

红男绿女 Guys and Dolls

三月是我们学校的戏剧月(TIOS)。 这是几年前由美国教育戏剧协会启动的一项倡议,此后在全球范围内得到了推广。 该运动旨在展示戏剧教育对学生的学业、社交和情感生活的重大影响。 它还旨在培养学生被剥夺戏剧教育权利的集体意识。

March is Theatre-In-Our-Schools (TIOS) month. This is an initiative that was started a few years ago by the Educational Theatre Association in the United States and has since gained international momentum. The movement aims to demonstrate the significant impact theatre education has on students’ academic, social, and emotional lives. It also aims to create awareness of communities where students are deprived of the privileged of theatre education.


The Senior Performing Arts CCA have been working once a week since October to prepare for Nanwai King’s first ever school production, ‘Guys and Dolls’. Students from G7 and G10 have been working hard to understand the characters, the setting, the American slang and context of this classic musical comedy, that gambles with luck and love through the hustle and bustle and bright lights of 1940’s New York City. The characters in the play spend their time finding themselves on polar opposites either in relationships, friendships, luck or ambition. Throughout the play there are either winners or losers in every scene. Despite everything that they go through the characters come together to find a middle ground and to collaborate with each other for happiness and peace to be found.

作为导演和团队的领导者,Mrs. Dorrington对我们演员之间的合作以及他们如何挑战自己成为作品的一部分印象深刻。对于许多学生来说,这是他们第一次在舞台上表演,对他们中的大多数人来说,他们扮演的角色和讨论的话题在时间和语境中都脱离了自己的舒适区。他们体验他国文化,扮演不同类型的人物角色,也更加意识到自己在未来可能遇到的差异和挑战。在南外国王国际学校的戏剧课程中,我们始终围绕着“5C”原则:沟通、贡献、合作、创造力和信心。通过表演艺术CCA课程,我们的学生正在不断发展着这些技能,即将为所有观众呈现出这部音乐剧。

As director and leader of the group, Mrs. Dorrington is very impressed with the collaboration of our cast and how they have challenged themselves in being part of this production. For many of our students, this is the first time that they have performed on stage and for most of them they are playing characters and discussing topics which at this moment in time is out of context and their comfort zone. Experiencing other cultures and playing the roles of different kinds of people, students are more aware of differences and challenges they may come across in the future. In Drama at Nanwai King’s we focus on the 5 C’s; communication, contribution, collaboration, creativity and confidence, and throughout Performing Arts CCA our students have continued to develop these skills to produce this production for our audience.


5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
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