NKCS is a learning community aspiring to excellence. As a department, we aim to advocate for and advise students and parents on the university application and admissions process on an individual basis. This advice includes, but is not limited to, researching and choosing a university and major, career awareness, admissions testing, co-curricular activities, internships, and summer programmes.

The University Counselling department helps to prepare students for further study and career opportunities. The focus is on ensuring that the young people in our care have appropriate support and that they are able to make informed decisions about all aspects of the opportunities available to them post-secondary. The department is based on the following four elements:


This programme conducts an analysis of students’ interests and capabilities online and provides outside experts to give advice on the basis of the test results. It also provides support not only at school but subsequent to the students leaving and provides opportunities for work experience and courses.


The next step for the majority of students will be university or some other form of Higher Education. The department has a responsibility to research opportunities and to make links with the universities in this regard. We will also keep up to date with course demands, trends and applications and will be available to advise students on these. The counsellor is the fulcrum in the programme, knowing the students best and being involved in their development throughout their time at the School. Clearly heads of department play a vital role in providing specific advice on courses in individual subjects. We also work at being well-informed about the types of courses which do not relate directly to subjects taught at school.


As part of the preparation for our graduates leaving school we run a programme of workshops and training sessions under the title of ‘Futures Week’. This takes place in June and gives the Grade 11 students a chance to start preparing for life after secondary school. Some of the sessions are aimed at guiding students on applications to university or other places of higher education; there are presentations on the application process, the writing of personal statements and academic references.


Work Experience takes place at the end of the Grade 10. It is coordinated in school but most of the experiences are arranged directly by parents. There is a developing programme of links to provide opportunities for experience and contacts. There is a series of job-scope discussions organised in school on particular areas for those who have an interest. These are delivered by contacts from the school who can provide experience and insight into specific fields. Participation in this programme is voluntary but students with an interest are encouraged to attend.


The University Counselling department at NKCS aims to educate and advise students and parents on higher educational opportunities in countries and regions around the world, help students embark on a journey of self-discovery, introduce students to university options that suit their interests, personality and abilities, and individually guide each student to navigate through the entire university application process.


In accordance with NKCS’s educational mission of creating a world-class learning community that maximizes each student’s lifelong learning potential, the University Counselling department holds a strong belief that attending a high-ranking university is not and should never be the sole focus of a student’s journey. There is no fixed application pathway that suits the needs of all students. The process of selecting a college is very personal and unique; it requires a degree of self-reflection on the part of the student and his parents. We encourage students to take the initiative to reflect on their goals, potential, interests, and strengths in deciding their post-secondary education. We aim to not only guide and support the college application process; but to also develop the “whole” student by instilling 21st century skills and global citizenship.

The college application process is filled with challenges, opportunities, and significant decisions. It can be stressful yet exciting at the same time. Counsellors are dedicated to providing excellent support for each student, helping them to unleash their full potential and achieve their individual goals.

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Welcome to the Department of University Counselling at NKCS.  I am head of the University Counselling department at NKCS where I am responsible for guiding a team of experienced university counselling professionals in providing exceptional support services to our students.  I am originally from New York City, NY USA and received my bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and my master’s degree from Capella University.  My counselling experience extends from developing transition plans with children aging out of Georgia’s foster care system, to working as a College Counsellor for a Georgia public school and later to developing a Career and Guidance Counselling department for an international American school in Dubai. It is a great pleasure to be working closely with you in assuring that each student receives individual guidance and support with not only college admission success but overall success in life.

Warm Regards,
Patricia D. Villard
Head of University Counselling

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to NKCS, a place where you will learn, you will develop, and you will prepare for success! I am one of the University Counsellors at NKCS and we will be working closely together on university applications, career awareness, and individual development.

I graduated from Peking University with both Chinese and Economics degrees. Later I obtained my master’s degree from Washington University in St Louis.  My experience with guiding students towards college success, along with my excellent education background enables me to provide students with intensive support and information for higher education and future success.  I believe a counsellor should illuminate students’ way of thinking and encourage a global perspective to of the world.

Miya Yang
University Counsellor

Dear NKCS students and parents,

Welcome to a learning community aspiring to excellence. I am very excited about joining NKCS and looking forward to working with you. I received my master’s degree in Bilingual Education. I have over ten years’ work experience in the field of education in China and the United States. Prior to joining NKCS, I have worked for several international divisions of public high schools within Wuxi. Being a member of IACAC and China ICAC, I have extensive college counselling experience. I was also invited to present at the EducationUSA study board workshops and shared ideas and advice with students and parents. It is a great pleasure to be working with the very first graduating classes of NKCS,Wuxi.

Kind Regards,
Kayla Chen
University Counsellor

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