William Desmond - KG3 Teacher

William Desmond is an energetic teacher of young children. Originally from Southern California, he received his bachelors degree from California State University, San Bernardino, in 2011. Soon after, in early 2012, he came to Wuxi, China, and has been living and teaching here ever since. He is tremendously excited to be a member of the family at Nanwai King’s College School and enjoys seeing the growth of children under the care of a sincere and professional team of teachers and staff. William is involved in athletic co-curricular activities such as tennis, volleyball, and football.

William loves the uniqueness that exists in every single child and helps children to find happiness with who they are. He backs up his assertion that he treats every child as his own by proactively communicating with parents in an open manner in order to provide the best experiences for each child. A fan of sayings like “talk is cheap” and “if you don’t use it you lose it”, William takes a serious yet playful approach to the education of each child in his care. Although students are only in William’s class for one year, they are in his heart forever.