Will Davison - English Teacher

Will’s educational journey began as an 18-year-old, when he spent a year volunteering in rural Uganda, living without electricity and running water while seeking to tackle severe poverty through education. During this year, Will witnessed first-hand what now forms the foundation of his teaching philosophy: that education has the power to change lives.
Since then, Will has obtained a BA in English literature from the University of Leeds in which he obtained first class honours. To qualify as a teacher, Will was selected for the highly prestigious and challenging Teach First Leadership Development Programme, the UK equivalent of 美丽中国in China. Through this programme, Will was placed in a highly challenging school in Leicester, teaching some of the UK’s most disadvantaged students. During his three years at this school, he earned distinctions in both his PGCE from the University of Nottingham and his MA in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Warwick.
In his free time, Will’s relentless fascination for what the world has to offer has taken him from solo hikes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the wilds of Yunnan, China. From delivering professional development workshops for headteachers in Uganda to working as an English language assistant in Jiujiang, China. At Nanwai King’s College School, Will enjoys sharing his passion for language and literature with his students, and encourages his students to think about and challenge the world’s many problems in his CCA ‘Effective Altruism’.