Mike Nelon - KG1 Teacher

Mike Nelon is an American with five years of international teaching experience. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a bachelors degree in economics, he moved to the Republic of Korea, where he taught English at Chungdahm Institute for three years. Next, he moved to Kunshan, China, where he taught junior kindergarten for two years at the Canadian International School of Kunshan (CISK). Teaching is his passion and he believes his role is to create a sense of wonder and excitement for learning among students, while also teaching them how to be kind, respectful humans. Mike brings his passion and enthusiasm to his students in Wuxi, and is delighted to work with an amazing, committed group of educators.

Mike is an avid hiker and enjoys exploring the mountains surrounding Wuxi and its neighbouring provinces. He also loves teams sports and coaches football. As a lover of languages he enjoys learning Chinese and has HSK level 3.