Lolita Liu - Chinese Teacher
Pastoral Care Coordinator Bilingual Junior High

Lolita has more than 10 years of teaching experience in an International School where she taught Chinese to all levels. She also has 5 years of experience in classroom management and administration. She has received her Bachelor of Management from Nanjing Audit College, Bachelor of Education at Jiangsu Normal University.
Lolita has taught students from all ages, ranging from Grade 1 to junior high school. Her education philosophy supports the idea of “Academic excellence is based on moral development “, to follow the principle of moral conduct is more important than ones grades. She believes, to respect and love each student, builds a bridge of trust and communication between students, and allows for the students to reach their greatest potential. Lolita has repeatedly won the award for “Best Homeroom Teacher” and “Outstanding Teacher Award”. She firmly believes that children can not only receive a good education, but also develop kind and caring personality traits, and moral character development during their education at Nanwai King’s College School.