Jennifer Wilkinson - KG2 Teacher

Jennifer Wilkinson is an experienced early years and elementary school teacher who was born and raised in California, USA, where she feels she was very fortunate to attend great schools. Jennifer’s interest in young children and education began at the early age of 12 years old.

Jennifer’s philosophy in education is simple – she believes that all children have the ability to learn. She believes strongly that it is her responsibility, as an educator, to provide as many different opportunities as possible for her students to explore and that it is imperative students be a part of their own learning.

Jennifer’s qualifications include a Masters in Education with a specialisation in best practices and a multiple subjects teaching credential from California, where she taught Grades 1 and 2 for seven years.

Jennifer has much international teaching experience. She worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher for the 3e International School in Beijing, as a Grade 3 teacher for the International School of Kazan in Russia, and as a kindergarten teacher for the Abu Dhabi Education Council in the United Arab Emirates.