Eva Chen - Kindergarten Teacher

Eva Chen was born to be a teacher. She is smart, cheerful and lively. She likes children and has a real passion for early childhood education. She graduated from Jiangsu Normal University with a degree in pre-school education. After completing her degree, she joined Wuxi Experimental Kindergarten, where she started her education career. The school’s high standards and strict working environment enabled her to quickly grow professionally. She has written many academic papers on early childhood education and won awards in both provincial and municipal competitions.
When NKCS was founded, Ms. Chen was attracted to the school’s multiculturalism and gave up her stable job to join the NKCS family. After working here for two years, she feels that the atmosphere and concept is completely different from traditional public schools. The small class sizes mean that the different learning needs of children can be met, while the open layout allows for children’s learning to take place in any corner of the kindergarten, instead of being limited to the classroom.