Adolfo Gonzales - KG1 Teacher

Adolfo M. Gonzales began his career in education in 2010 as a graduate student of bilingual education and diversity studies at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. He began working in the Texas education system in 2014 as a bilingual kindergarten co-teacher in a classroom composed of English- and Spanish-speaking students. Throughout that time, Mr. Gonzales also mentored college and high school students through his university’s mentor program, taught English and Spanish to members of his community through the Sigma Delta Pi Hispanic National Honor Society, and tutored college students with special needs. In 2015, he began working for ELS Language Schools where he became a top instructor and had the privilege of working with many talented educators as well as teaching English to amazing college students from around the globe. In 2016, he moved to China to work as a kindergarten teacher for Shenyang Pacific Foreign School. In his two years there, Mr. Gonzales managed the establishment of the new kindergarten department by developing the classroom layouts, modifying and applying an American Common core curriculum to include sheltered instruction methods and strategies, and teaching an amazing group of pre-k and kindergarten students. He eventually went on to become the academic director for his department, but continued to teach his pre-k and kindergarten classes.

Mr. Gonzales holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Masters of Education degree in bilingual education and diversity studies, both from Texas Tech University. He enjoys a variety of different activities, but his favourites include travelling, outdoor activities, trying new cuisines, photography, movies, reading, running and working out. As the school’s middle-distance track coach, he shares his expertise in track and field and cross country, while he demonstrates his devotion to the dramatic arts as a contributor to school shows.

Mr. Gonzales’ personal pedagogy is grounded in his understanding that every student is different and unique, and is deserving of the utmost care and guidance from his or her educators. He believes the true calling of teaching is to encourage independent thinking, inspire perseverance towards life’s challenges, demonstrate respect, empathy and integrity as a form of living, and empower students to discover their potentials, who they are and how they uniquely fit into this world.