Teaching Staff

To ensure a high-quality education programme, a passionate, experienced and highly talented team of educators is essential. At Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi, we are extremely proud of our gifted teachers. Below is a sample of our team of more than 350 teachers. These outstanding professionals have a diverse range of experience and backgrounds, coming from more than 10 countries and regions around the world, to ensure that every child can benefit from their knowledge and global experience.

Nan Song
Science Teacher
Miss Nan Song is a bilingual science teacher graduated last year from the University of Oxford in BA Cells and System Biology with a upper second class. Read More
Lei Wang
Math Competition Tutor
Wang Lei graduated in 2015 with a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering. Read More
Lydia Xu
Science Teacher
After graduated from the University of Cambridge, Lydia started her career in the international education field as a teacher of Chemistry and Biology. Read More
Roy Hou
Maths Teacher
Junfeng graduated in 2014 from University of Rochester with double bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Maths. Read More
Irose Hansen
Kindergarten Teacher
Irose graduated from university in 2003 earning a BA in English Literature. She completed postgraduate certification in Early Years Practice in 2009. Read More
Eva Chen
Kindergarten Teacher
Eva Chen was born to be a teacher. She is smart, cheerful and lively. She likes children and has a real passion for early childhood education. Read More
Jojo Chou
Physical Education Teacher
for KG1 to 3
Jojo Chou is a qualified gymnastics coach and taught PHE at an international school in the Middle East for four years. Read More
Linda Xie
Maths Teacher
Linda Xie has worked for nearly 20 years at Lianyuan Street Primary School, a well-known school in Wuxi that is more than 100 years old. Read More
Grace Wu
Primary Homeroom Teacher
Grace Wu has 10 years' international teaching experience, working with students aged 5-16 years old. Read More
Peter Bohovesky
Primary Homeroom Teacher
Peter Bohovesky has more than seven years’ experience as an international teacher. Read More
Lolita Liu
Chinese Teacher
Grade 7 Coordinator
Lolita has more than 10 years of teaching experience in an International School where she taught Chinese to all levels. Read More
Joyce Zhu
Maths Teacher
Joyce Zhu has more than 5 years of bilingual mathematics teaching experience in an International School. Read More
Will Davison
English Teacher
Will’s educational journey began as an 18-year-old, when he spent a year volunteering in rural Uganda. Read More
Leo Li
Chinese Teacher
Leo Li graduated with a masters degree in education from Columbia University in United States. Read More
Nicholas Sutherland
Primary Homeroom Teacher(International School)
Nicholas Sutherland started his career in teaching in New Zealand after taking his Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning at the New Zealand Graduate School of Education. Read More
Monica Wang
Chinese Teacher
Assistant to head of International
Monica Wang has eight years’ experience of Chinese teaching and four years of management experience in different international schools. Read More