Teaching Staff

To ensure a high-quality education programme, a passionate, experienced and highly talented team of educators is essential. At Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi, we are extremely proud of our gifted teachers. Below is a sample of our team of more than 150 teachers. These outstanding professionals have a diverse range of experience and backgrounds, coming from more than 10 countries and regions around the world, to ensure that every child can benefit from their knowledge and global experience.

Mike Nelon
KG1 Teacher
Mike Nelon is an American with five years of international teaching experience. Read More
Adolfo Gonzales
KG1 Teacher
Adolfo Gonzales began working in the Texas education system in 2014 as a bilingual kindergarten co-teacher. Read More
Yi Jiang
KG1 Teacher
Yi Jiang graduated with Master of Education in Montessori early childhood education from Oklahoma City University in the United States. Read More
Jennifer Wilkinson
KG2 Teacher
Jennifer Wilkinson is an experienced early years and elementary school teacher, with much international experience. Read More
Joanna Zhou
KG2 Teacher
Prior to joining Nanwai King's College School Wuxi, Joanna Zhou worked at EtonHouse International School (Wuxi) Read More
Deborah Mo
KG2 Teacher
Deborah Mo is an experienced teacher with more than 10 years' teaching experience, including two years working in one of the top international schools in Shanghai. Read More
William Desmond
KG3 Teacher
William Desmond is an energetic teacher of young children, who has been in Wuxi since 2012. Read More
Jessica Boulton
KG3 Teacher
Before joining Nanwai King's, Jessica Boulton was head of department at an independent high achieving school in the UK. Read More
Danielle Pieters
KG3 Teacher
Danielle Pieters has three years of experience teaching internationally, specialises in teaching English to second language learners in the early childhood phase. Read More
Lucy Yang
KG3 Teacher
Lucy Yang has over 25 years of teaching experience in both kindergarten and elementary, having worked at various well-known international schools in Beijing and the United States. Read More
Jojo Chou
Physical Education Teacher
for KG1 to 3
Jojo Chou is a qualified gymnastics coach and taught PHE at an international school in the Middle East for four years. Read More
Jennifer Zhang
Grade 1 Teacher (Bilingual)
Prior to joining Nanwai King's College School Wuxi, Jennifer Zhang worked at Wujiang Taihu International School for three years. Read More
Veda Wang
Grade 1 Teacher (Bilingual)
Veda Wang began her teacher career in September 2010 after graduating from National University in San Diego, California, USA. Read More
Grace Wu
Grade 2 Teacher (Bilingual)
Grace Wu has 10 years' international teaching experience, working with students aged 5-16 years old. Read More
Peter Bohovesky
Grade 3 Teacher (Bilingual)
Peter Bohovesky has more than seven years’ experience as an international teacher. Read More
Jenny Li
Junior High Chinese Language Teacher (Bilingual)
Jenny Li has a masters degree from Soochow University and majored in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. Read More
Derek Anderson
Grade 2 Teacher (International)
Derek Anderson has 10 years of teaching experience, having worked in both mainstream, learning support classes and in special education settings. Read More
Joanna Rose
Grade 3 Teacher (International)
Joanna Rose has worked in schools all over Scotland as a professional storyteller and a youth worker, as well as spending three years teaching English in South Korea. Read More
Eve Taylor
Grade 4 Teacher (International)
Eve Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in coaching and performance development and has taught in the United Kingdom and South Korea. Read More
Michael Booth
Grade 5 Teacher (International)
Michael Booth has more than 17 years’ experience as a teacher, working in both private and public settings. Read More
Monica Wang
Chinese Language Teacher (International)
Monica Wang has six years’ experience working at international schools in China. Read More
Mia Yang
University Counselling
Mia Yang has worked in both China and abroad, enabling her to provide students with a range of help and information on university application. Read More