Stefan Sjodin - Head of Secondary School

Stefan Sjodin first arrived in China in 2011. He is a very experienced educational leader and has previously worked at Jiaoda Fuzhong in Shanghai and Renda Fuzhong in Beijing, as well as for Dipont Education in Shanghai.

He is a truly international educator and has held school posts in Sweden, England, Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. He has worked as an examiner for the AQA examination board in England, and he is currently an examiner for the IBO. Outside of schools, Stefan has worked with organisations such as the Malaysian Ministry of Education and China Online Education Group.

He grew up and attended secondary education in Sweden. He has completed studies at Stockholm University in Sweden and the University of Southampton in England. He has also completed masters-level courses at the School of Education at Harvard University in the USA.

Outside of education, Stefan is a licensed sea captain and a sergeant in the Swedish First Royal Cavalry.