Amy Loveday-Hu - Head of Kindergarten

Amy Loveday-Hu is an experienced head of kindergarten and elementary. Prior to joining Nanwai King’s College School, she led a well-respected dual immersion international kindergarten and elementary school in Beijing, which catered for both local and international families.

Her teaching experience of over 17 years includes nursery, pre-school and kindergarten classroom teaching with a music specialism, practised both in China and the United Kingdom.

Amy feels strongly that initial school experiences are a particularly sensitive and important period for every child. It is during these years that key social and emotional skills and effective learning characteristics are developed alongside a strong sense of safety and belonging. Within a China setting, Amy’s fluency in English and Chinese enables her to engage meaningfully with all staff and families to effectively support for success at school during these sensitive years. She believes that strong communication pathways between home and school ensure positive school experiences for all. Her Masters of Education focused on leadership, particularly supporting multicultural learning communities such as that of Nanwai King’s. Her daughter, Constance, joined Nanwai King’s in Grade 5 in 2018.