Magdi Elsayed - Head of ICT

Mr Elsayed hails from the UK and comes to us with six years of full-time teaching experience, having taught at international schools in Egypt, England, and most recently here in China. He teaches Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the secondary school and will also be consulting with our teachers on integrating the use of technology in their classrooms. After pursuing a successful career in the IT industry, focusing on website and database development, Mr Elsayed entered the teaching field with real-world experience of how IT is used in industry. He teaches a subject he is passionate about and loves to pass on practical skills to his students.
Mr Elsayed’s teaching philosophy revolves around building strong and friendly relationships with his students. He believes in the power of persuasion and aims to be a facilitator who encourages students to understand the relevance of ICT and how it is embedded in so many aspects of modern life. He is very excited to be a member of Nanwai King’s College team. He views it as an opportunity to join a great school which will equip students with the skills they need, and shape their attitudes towards not only learning but also understanding how what they learn is relevant to their lives. Mr Elsayed’s main interests are computing and sport. He also leads or support technology-related co-curricular activities.