Emily Gallagher - Director of Studies

Having taught in China for more than two years, Emily Gallagher is particularly passionate about bilingual education, as she believes it is essential to blend the unique and special Chinese approach with an open-minded, global view of the world and teaching pedagogies.

She believes that above all else, learning must be a memorable experience for students and should help to nurture a desire to succeed. She aims to ensure that every student at Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi not only reaches their full potential, but enjoys every step of their journey in making it happen.

Having wanted to teach from the age of 12, Emily gained her degree in music in 2009 and subsequently gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. She enhanced her teaching abilities by completing a masters in teaching and learning at The University of Huddersfield, whilst teaching full-time. In 2011, Emily made the transition into teaching the humanities subjects and GCSE geography, becoming lead practitioner for humanities at Bradford Academy in 2013. She also has experience in teaching English, drama and music, using practical and engaging teaching methods to enhance students’ learning. Other leadership posts include director of studies at HD Ningbo School and pastoral leader at HD Shanghai school, where she gained a wealth of experience in the Chinese educational system and worked closely with Chinese colleagues, students and parents.

Alongside her teaching and director of studies responsibilities, Emily hosts co-curricular activities in music (choral group) and the Model United Nations, through which she takes students to national and international conferences to discuss global issues, thus helping to nurture a truly well-rounded, skilled cohort of young people.