Departmental Management Team

Hailing Wu
Deputy Head of Kindergarten
Hailing Wu has worked in international and comparative education for over a decade. Read More
Jeffrey Reed
Deputy Head of Bilingual School
Head of Science (International)
Jeffrey Reed has been a teacher and school leader in China for more than 10 years. Read More
Brett Searle
Director of Inquiry
Grade 1 Teacher (Bilingual)
Brett Searle has worked internationally since 2003, with the majority of the last 14 years in China. Read More
Samuel Jones
Head of Mathematics (International) and Housemaster
Samuel Jones has a wealth of experience teaching in China. Read More
Ringo Wu
Head of Physical Education and Sports
Ringo Wu has more than a decade's experience of teaching physical education in schools. Read More
Candice van Buul
Head of Visual Art
Candice van Buul is a practicing artist and has taught internationally for more than seven years. Read More
Mark Lee
Head of Expressive Arts and Music
Originally from Leicestershire, England, Mark Lee is classically trained on the piano, achieving Grades 1-8 (distinction). Read More
Philip J. Oosthuizen
Head of Drama
Head of Alverstone House
Philip J. Oosthuizen has more than seven years' teaching experience, with the last four spent in China. Read More