Waste Sorting

Saturday 7 Sep 2019
On 1 September 2019, regulations on the management of domestic waste were officially implemented in Wuxi. Twelve students from Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi attended a launch ceremony for the new regulations as volunteers. The event represented Wuxi’s entry into the ‘compulsory era’ of domestic waste classification and sorting.Wuxi Party Secretary Li Xiaomin presented a flag and other materials to the volunteers’ student representatives (Nanwai King’s students Zhou Ziyan, Zhao Zihan and Gu Zitong) to represent honour, responsibility and challenges. Nanwai King’s students also had photos taken with city leaders.Never before has waste sorting and recycling been more important and Wuxi, as one of the more developed areas of China, has taken a lead in domestic waste classification.

“Leaders such as Wuxi Party Secretary Li and Mayor Huang came to the launch ceremony, showing the government’s determination to attach importance to, and promote, waste sorting. Speeches from the mayor and other government officials inspired us and gave the volunteers a clear direction.

“The reason we were invited to the launch ceremony is that we participated in waste classification volunteering in Wuxi during the summer vacation. Under the guidance of our teachers, we established the ‘Little Eagles[TH2] ’ team and did a lot of work to promote waste sorting to local households. This included learning how to classify waste ourselves before producing posters and promotional films to disseminate the information. This was the first time many of us had worked so closely with members of the public and although it was tiring, we had a lot of pride in our work and laughed a lot. Through our activities, we also improved our own knowledge, gained practical experience and learnt from failure.

“I have found being involved in waste sorting volunteering very meaningful. As the expression goes: ‘work in the present to benefit the future’ and as a young person we must shoulder this responsibility. In fact, it is this sense of responsibility that makes us determined to practice waste sorting and to promote, foster and enhance it.”

Chen Zechen (Chris),Bilingual G7