NKCS News Roundup

Monday 18 Mar 2019
Kindergarten Department
Working Together

Helping you help your child learn English: The importance of literature and phonics.

We are delighted to introduce the Nanwai King’s kindergarten ‘Working Together’ sessions, where we have the opportunity to work together and learn about teaching, learning and child development.

KG3 teacher, Danielle Pieters, supported with translation from Shanshan Yang, was invited to a session about English literacy and learning a second language. The session discussed the importance of respecting the ‘silent phase’ and not expecting children to be expressive in their new language too soon, that receptive language comes first. Age-appropriate resources and activities were shared and participants even explored some literacy games from the classroom.

Bilingual Department
Story Moms

International Department
Reading Stories

Grades 3 and 4 International shared their love of reading and storytelling with Grade 1 and Kindergarten 1D students. The older students created their own stories, retold well-known fairy tales and read books in English and Chinese. The younger children enjoyed their visit, many of whom could not stop laughing at some of the funny stories. We hope to continue sharing these wonderful experiences across our schools.

University Fair

On the morning of Wednesday 13 March, NKCS hosted our very first university tour! The University Counselling department organised a university fair with Linden Educational Services who brought 11 American universities to our campus. The universities included: Ball State University in Indiana; Hanover College in Indiana; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Oklahoma State University; San Jose State University in California; University of Georgia; University of Maine; University of New Haven; University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Whitworth University in Washington; and Lasell College in Massachusetts.

Students were exposed to a variety of colleges including public, private, state and liberal arts schools. This collection of colleges offered students a better awareness of the many options available to them to meet their unique educational needs and abilities.

Our Grade 10 students had the opportunity to meet with each university representative and learn more about the different admissions requirements of each college. They were also told about university life in the different regions of America, the wide variety of undergraduate programmes offered and programme requirements. We are so proud of how students represented NKCS with intelligent and sophisticated questions  and we look forward to future university visits that parents can also join.

English Department
Spelling Bee

Last week, we held our first international primary spelling bee competition. Four or five students from each grade participated. At the end of the competition two students from each grade qualified for our finals, which will be held in April. The event was a nail biting experience full of suspense and excitement! Big congratulations to our finalists:

  • Grade 1: Welson Yuan and Sunny An
  • Grade 3: Gloria Chen and Anabelle Sherring
  • Grade 4: Chloe Kim and Bruce Li
  • Grade 5: Momoko Liao and Madeline Chen

Admissions Department
Open Day on 9 March

“Yesterday a group of people came to visit our school. As a school ambassador, I felt very proud to welcome these distinguished guests. It was raining at 9.30am. However, the enthusiasm of parents and students remained undiminished. They lined up outside the school gate. The register did not finish until 10.20am. After that, they listened to a lecture. At around 10.45am visitors from different grades were guided around the campus by different teachers and school ambassadors. I took the 10th-grade visitors and interviewed some of them. They said they loved our campus and were very satisfied with the education we provide. I am very sure that more students will study at our school.”

— William

PE Department
Nanwai Knights

The U9 and U11 basketball team started their JISSA league fixtures in the new semester. The teams travelled to The Overseas Academy Suzhou on Wednesday 6 March.

“The team have been training hard for the last two weeks and it showed in our team cohesion. The boys and girls are starting to play as a team and I’m sure it won’t be long before the teams will experience some success. Players such as Bruce Li and Joyee Yan have consistently been playing well and scoring some valuable points for the team. There are a couple more players not far behind them. It is a challenge for me to individually single out the best players as they are all developing very quickly.”

— Mr Tony Bachmann

The U19 boys and girls football team travelled to Wycombe Abbey International School for their first SYAC league fixtures. The girls team performed well considering that for most in the team it was their first-ever football match. Chole Sun was the Player of the Match, making some tremendous saves, while Fairy Guo provided a lot of opportunities for the forwards, Anglea Lyu and Sandy Tian, to score.

It was a very similar story from the boys’ team. Steve Wang was great in midfield, while Yihang Tang worked hard all over the field. For both teams, it was a good first experience of some competition. Now Mr Godfrey will continue to train hard with all the players and hopefully they will have better results next week at Dulwich Suzhou.

Expressive Arts Department
Weekly Performance

The Expressive Arts Department organises performance corner twice a week during the morning recess. At the beginning of the year, there were very few students who willingly signed up to perform. As the year as gone on, however, more and more groups and individuals are pleasing their fellow students and teachers with their performances each week.

Performance corner is open to everyone and is chance for students to showcase the talent that they have that most of the school community may not have a chance to see otherwise. The Expressive Arts Department have been so pleased with the fact that we have seen a wide range of grade levels, with both international and bilingual students and staff being represented. The talents that we have seen have ranged from solo singers to musicians, including a cellist, a guitarist, pianist and an African drum music class. There have been drama class musical theatre and play presentations, magicians, Glee group CCA singers and staff student groups. We are thankful to all those who give up their time to entertain the Nanwai King’s audience at recess and look forward to seeing other talented members of our community perform.