NKCS Pupils Win Medals at World Scholar’s Cup Jeju!

Friday 1 Feb 2019

Five students from NKCS returned with four silver and two gold medals from the Jeju round of the World Scholar’s Cup, held on 25th and 26th January.

This global competition was an exciting and fun opportunity for students to demonstrate their existing strengths and to discover new ones.

The competition is made up of four team events: team debate, collaborative writing and two team quizzes with different formats. To succeed, scholars need to work closely as a team and think on their feet. The theme of the 2019 Cup is ‘A World on the Margins’.

Doris Yao (Grade 6 International), David Liang, Chris Chen, Brian Cheng (Grade 6 Bilingual) and Simon Cao (Grade 5 Bilingual) were among hundreds of students competing at Branksome Hall Asia School in Jeju, South Korea, for a chance to win individual and team prizes.

Our students faced stiff competition in the team debate, but Doris, Chris and Simon did well to beat a strong team from North London Collegiate School Jeju. Next came the collaborative writing: students worked for nearly two hours, both individually and as a team. The Scholar’s Challenge followed, a written multiple-choice quiz for which Doris was awarded a gold medal.

On day two, the school theatre was packed with excited students competing in the Scholar’s Bowl, a strategic, fast-paced team quiz. Chris, Simon and David were awarded Da Vinci silver medals for endeavour, Brian gained a gold medal, and Doris won a silver medal for best NKCS scholar. She performed beautifully on the piano during the scholars’ talent show.

As well as their success in the competition, our students visited several historic and cultural sites on Jeju, had a lot of fun in the 3D Museum and ate a lot of new and interesting Korean food. They returned tired but happy to Wuxi with their collection of medals and alpacas, the programme’s mascot!

“It was really a great experience. It was very challenging to compete with foreigners and even some native speakers, but we are pretty strong and could confidently face them. Next time, if I have the opportunity to join the competition again, I will prepare well and learn more professional knowledge in school.”

— Chris Chen

“This was the first time I had been to Jeju to take part in a Scholar’s Cup race with my school teammates. It was very exciting. We didn’t get the trophy, but I still think this race was meaningful, because I know what we did well and what we can improve.”

— Simon Cao

“Everybody participated strongly, listening to opponents’ ideas and getting ready for the rebuttal. They spoke really well actually, very fluently. I thought that grammar and vocabulary were my weak points so I need to read more books, which I think will help me improve.”

— David Liang

“The World Scholar’s Cup helped me become a more active person and opened my eyes to the world. You are not just acutely learning the knowledge but also sharing it.”

— Doris Yao