Q&A: NKCS Use of Information Technology

Thursday 29 Nov 2018

The use of information technology should be an important feature in any future-focused school and that is certainly the case here at Nanwai King’s.

“As we started planning the school, the use of technology in the classroom was to be integral. As a result, we have embraced technology through our MacBook laptop program (from Grade 6 and up) and the availability of iPads for students in the younger years. Many teachers post homework electronically through student Engage accounts and this is preparing our students for university life where lectures, notes and assignments are commonly accessed online. We have found that laptops and tablets can be powerful tools that enhance understanding of all levels.”

— Craig Monaghan, executive principal

Q: Why are students at NKCS allowed to use laptops/iPads?

A: The use of technology in the classroom is having a profound effect on teaching and learning. Laptops, tablets and phones can be powerful tools that enhance understanding and allow collaboration between students and their peers, and between teachers and students.

Q: What is the school policy for students using laptops and tablets?

A: Students are not permitted to use laptops unsupervised during the school day. During lunchtime, the only place where laptops are permitted are the school libraries. We have also recently ensured that laptops are collected immediately after prep study time so that students are not using these inappropriately. Students are unable to download any software or games without school authorisation.

Q: How does the school supervise the use of computers and networks?

A: Through appropriate seating plans in classrooms, teachers should be able to see all screens when students are using computers in class. Students are taught about the responsible use of technology during IT lessons.

Q: Any suggestions or recommendations for parents when students are off-campus?

  • Younger students should not be using computers/phones/iPads unsupervised
  • If possible use ‘family filters’ on your internet connection
  • Use electronic device time as a reward
  • Don’t allow children to keep electronic devices in their rooms overnight
  • Don’t let children use electronic devices just before bed. Research indicates that light emitted from such devices can disturb sleep patterns.