Messages from our Principals

Having been an educator for more than 40 years, I have always dreamed of setting up an international school that respects the principles of education, stresses all-round development of students, and offers small class sizes and individualised and diverse instruction. With the founding of Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi, the dream I have cherished for decades has finally become a reality.

I hope pupils of our school will develop the following qualities:

  • A command of foreign languages. Being able to speak a foreign language opens the door to the outside world. It is the foundation of international competitiveness.
  • Integration of arts and science. Our pupils will combine the spirit of science and the spirit of humanism across their studies.
  • Mental and physical harmony. Harmony is a key element of traditional Chinese culture. An individual can take responsibility only when he or she has both a healthy body and an independent mind.
  • The development of individual interests. We encourage creative innovation, bold thinking and the development of character in our pupils.

I hope that through academic studies and co-curricular activities, pupils at Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi are inspired to find goals that they pursue with lasting passion and deep conviction, pursuits that lead them to happy and joyful lives.

Zhengjing Dong, General Principal

We are a world-class learning community committed to providing a rigorous academic programme that integrates the best of Chinese and western education. This is delivered by high-quality international and bilingual staff, with first-class facilities and an outstanding and proven pastoral care system.

It is our mission to educate young men and women who will make positive contributions to society and understand world views and issues. We value intercultural and multicultural awareness and the development of an international perspective in preparing pupils for life in the modern world.

Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi pupils will be well-rounded individuals, supported by an exceptional range of opportunities in sport, drama, music, outdoor pursuits, school exchanges and in community service.

Our rigorous academic programme features an international teaching methodology, founded in sound research, that prepares pupils for their place in the world of the future, not just for examinations. Teaching will support the development of an independent and enquiring mind, respond positively to pupils’ thirst for knowledge and instil a love of learning in every student. We will develop an atmosphere where a strong sense of pride in their school, in their house and in their own work and achievements will be the norm, while we will enable opportunities for the development of leadership skills.

Through attracting, employing, retaining and then developing world-class educators we will be able to deliver outstanding outcomes throughout the academic and co-curricular areas of school with a genuine focus on student-staff relationships. With this approach, the school aims to be a leading institution within the national and international education sector.

Our students’ happiness, their sense of self-belief and their readiness for the world at large will always be priorities for the school. We look forward to welcoming your family.

Craig Monaghan, Executive Principal