Departmental Management Team

Hailing Wu
Deputy Head of Kindergarten
Hailing Wu has been working in the field of international and comparative education for over a decade. Read More
Jeffrey Reed
Deputy Head of Bilingual School and Head of Science (International)
Jeffrey Reed has been a teacher and a school leader in China for more than 10 years. Read More
Jeff Leathley
Deputy Head of International School (Elementary)
Mr. Leathley has had an illustrious career teaching and coaching in the UK and overseas. Read More
Emily Gallagher
Director of Studies
Geography Teacher (International Secondary)
Mrs. Emily Gallagher is very passionate about the value of bilingual education. Read More
Brett Searle
Director of Inquiry
Grade 1 Teacher (Bilingual)
Mr. Searle has worked in China since 2003 and is a strong advocate for inquiry learning. Read More
Sam Jones
Head of Mathematics (International) and Housemaster
Mr. Jones has a wealth of experience in China and was Head of Mathematics in Nanjing. Read More
Ringo Wu
Head of Physical Education and Sports
For the past two years, Mr. Ringo Wu has been Head of PE in Suzhou. Read More
Rebecca Dorrington
Head of Expressive Arts
Rebecca Dorrington, Head of Expressive Arts originates from Wales in the UK. Read More
Craig Ferris
Housemaster Science and Physics
Mr. Ferris has taught in New Zealand schools for 12 years and for 13 years in Portugal. Read More
Shani Goodson
Housemistress and Junior High Teacher of Science (Bilingual)
Mrs. Goodson has taught in New York City and Abu Dhabi for the past 10 years. Read More
Candice van Buul
Housemistress and Art Coordinator
Ms. van Buul is a practising artist and has taught internationally for 7 years. Read More